What is «Twindo» and how does it work?

«Twindo» is a service that allows you to pay for goods and services with likes from social networks.

With «Twindo», you will save on shopping every day, whether it's going to the grocery store or to the cosmetologist.

Recommend your favorite establishments, shops, hotels, goods and services to friends and subscribers on social networks, everything that you love and use, get likes under posts and pay for goods and services in your favorite establishments with them.

Where do likes come from and are written off?

Post posts about your favorite institution on your social networks using its hashtag. Your subscribers, friends and acquaintances see the posts and put likes.

After making several posts with the right hashtag, you get the total number of likes for them. This amount is the «balance» in your favorite institution for making a purchase. After paying with likes, exactly as many likes as you spent will be written off from the «balance».

How to connect an institution to the «Twindo» platform?

Send us an email info@twindo.net your contacts, we will contact you and connect you to the «Twindo» platform.

How to pay with likes?

  1. Download the «Twindo» mobile app to your phone (iOS and Android).
  2. Post posts on social networks with the hashtag of your favorite institution and save likes from friends and subscribers under these posts.
  3. «Twindo» takes into account likes from social networks: Facebook Instagram, Twitter, VKontakte, Tik-Tok.
  4. The accumulated likes are converted into bonuses, which you can use to pay for a product /service at the store's checkout by presenting a barcode or promo code.
  5. After payment, the used number of likes will be debited from the «balance».

Is it possible to use multiple accounts?

Using multiple accounts to «pay» for one order is not possible. You can «pay» for five different orders from five different accounts, but one account is valid for one one-time order.

Likes from different accounts do not add up.

What are the payment terms and the like rate?

The establishments themselves determine the size of the bonus, but by default one like is equal to one bonus.

What to do with cheating likes?

The most popular question we face is: "How to deal with cheating likes?" and the most popular answer to it is: "No way, because our robot does it for you." He moderates posts, looks at the activity of the user's audience and, based on the data, accrues likes or blocks for accrual.