Pay for goods and services with likes from popular social networks

Download the «Twindo» app, post posts with hashtags of establishments in social networks, copy likes from friends and subscribers and pay for purchases with them!

It's simple

Post posts on social networks with the hashtag of the merchant

Copy likes

Copy likes / reposts with the hashtag of the merchant

Pay with likes

Pay for purchases with accumulated likes

How to get started?

Post a post on your social network page with the hashtag of the institution where you want to save on purchases. Save up likes from friends and subscribers :).

You will see the list of partner companies and the necessary hashtags in the «Twindo» mobile application.

Collect likes

So, you posted a post on your social network page and accumulated likes from friends and subscribers!

To accumulate more likes, connect accounts in different social networks and actively make posts. Likes from different social networks are summed up!

Pay with likes!

Now you can pay for your purchase with likes in partner companies by showing your promo code at the checkout.

The employee will write off the required number of likes, and that's it – a miracle happened! You have exchanged your likes for a real purchase!

What to spend the likes on?

Accumulated likes can be used to pay for goods and services from different categories

Romantic dinner


Time with children

New style

Playing sports

Evening with friends

Already used by

Pay with likes for purchases in our Partners' stores, participate in closed promotions and sales

30% discount
Burger joint
1 like = 3 bonuses
35% discount
1 like = 2 bonuses
20% discount
1 like = 1 bonuses

The «Twindo» platform has become a godsend for me, I don't always have time to post my work on social networks, now my clients do it for me, thanks to unique hashtags, I can track all publications, and my beauties rejoice at the opportunity to get a discount on the next procedure.

 Natalie, Stylist

We are very pleased with the cooperation with the Twindo platform. When our customers found out that you can pay for part of the purchase with likes, most of the buyers were delighted, they began to "spread" each purchase in order to accumulate the largest number of likes in order to get the maximum discount.

 Ksenia, Director of the children's goods store

Thanks to «Twindo», we have become active in social networks, users have been added to our accounts, we are actively receiving applications for courses. Especially for «Twindo», we have developed a basic course for which we make 50% payment with Likes. Only in the first month of use, we recruited 2 groups of students for this course.

 Margaret, Director of the English Language School «EnglBest»

Restaurant guests actively post photos of our dishes to their accounts, and our dessert has become a special favorite for photos. We are happy to offer bonuses to our guests and have developed a special menu for paying with likes.

 Mikael, the chef of the restaurant "Sebastian"